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Cacao butter (240g)


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  • Organic virgin cold-pressed cacao butter, 240g plastic tub 
  • Essential ingredient for making chocolate, solid at room temperature 
  • Great for making low-carb desserts 
  • Mix with 100% cacao and sweetener to make your own low-carb, sugar-free chocolate 

Cacao butter nutritional information

Nutritional information (per 100g)
Net carbs 0g
Protein 0g
Fat 100g
Fibre 0g
Energy 884cal

Is cacao butter suitable for my low-carb diet?

Atkins Yes, in all phases
Dukan No - this product is pure fat
South Beach Yes
Keto Yes
Paleo / Primal Yes - this product is cold-pressed from raw cacao beans

Storing cacao butter

Sore in a cool dark place.

The Raw Chocolate Company: About the brand

The Raw Chocolate Company is a small UK-based business producing natural products from raw cacao beans, with minimum processing. The company is committed to ethical and environmentally harmless methods.

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