Low Carb Diet Supplements

Can you really improve your low-carb diet with supplements?

Millions of people get real tangible results and benefits from nutritional supplementation. But we are all different. There is no “magic bullet” that works for everyone.

We hand-picked a range of essential supplements to support low-carb diets. Use our quick guide below to determine whether you may benefit from them.

And if you buy a product and it doesn't work? You can get a full refund under our money back guarantee.

Support your overall health and well-being 

When on a low-carb diet, you miss out on vitamins from fruit and grains. You can get the nutrients you need from low-carb foods like fresh vegetables, fish, grass-fed meat and healthy oils.

But covering all bases is hard – especially on ketogenic diets. Lack of essential nutrients can derail your diet, no matter how hard you work. 

The following supplement help to bridge any potential nutritional gaps:

Nutri-Align Multivit - advanced multivitamin/multimineral for low-carb dieters with 20 extra-strong nutrients 

Triple Omega - the full spectrum of essential fatty acids from plant and animal sources

Reduce tiredness and fatigue 

Tiredness is common, especially at the beginning of your low-carb diet. Your body is used to burning glucose for fuel. Until it becomes fully adapted to burning fat instead, you may experience bouts of tiredness.

Boost your energy with: 

Nutri-Align Multivit - contains extra-strong B-vitamins and green tea extract to reduce fatigue 

Magnesium - replenish this essential mineral regularly for more energy 

Switch to ketosis faster 

Sometimes it takes a long time to break into ketosis - for example, if your metabolic resistance is very high. 

Dr Atkins recommended Co-enzyme Q10 for a faster switch to ketosis.

Reduce Keto flu symptoms

Another unpleasant side effect of low-carb is Keto flu (also known as low-carb flu or Atkins flu). This usually strikes when you first go on a ketogenic diet like Keto or Atkins Induction. The following supplements can help you feel better during this period:

Nutri-Align Multivit - essential vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies

Essential minerals  - to replenish electrolytes in your body which helps to reduce Keto flu symptoms

Fight sugar cravings 

Cravings for sugar and carbs can hit at any point. They can be caused by a range of issues, from vitamin deficiencies to gut bacteria imbalance. Curb them with our specialist multivitamin supplement:

Nutri-Align Multivit - extra-strong vitamins to prevent deficiencies, plus green tea extract and chromium picolinate to fight sugar cravings.

Prevent constipation

Lack of fibre on a low-carb diet can lead to constipation. Take a fibre supplement to avoid this. 

Psyllium Husk - all-natural fibre supplement which does not cause bloating

Our money back guarantee

No two people are the same. The effect of supplements depends on your individual health, lifestyle, and genetics.

Based on customer feedback and returns rate, over 99.7% of our customers are happy with their supplements purchase. We therefore offer a full money-back guarantee on all our products – no questions asked.

Most people report an improvement within 2-3 days of starting to take the supplements. We recommend that you try taking them for at least 7 consecutive days. If you don't feel any improvement after that, please feel free to use the money-back option.

We accept all returns, either opened or unopened.

Low-carb diet supplement brands

All of our supplements are sugar-free, sweetener-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.


Nutri-Align is an independent UK business specialising in low-carb supplements.

Founded by a low-carb dieter, Nutri-Align fully understand and support the unique needs of this lifestyle. Nutri-Align is the only supplements range in the UK designed exclusively for low-carb dieters.

All Nutri-Align supplements are sugar-free, sweetener-free, starch-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Nutri-Align website

Nature’s Bounty

Nature's Bounty is a leading US brand of high-quality supplements and vitamins, established over 40 years ago. Nature's Bounty range includes many single-ingredient products (useful if you need to supplement a specific nutrient).

Nature's Bounty supplements are suitable for low-carb dieters. All tablets and capsules are sugar-free, sweetener-free, starch-free, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Nature’s Bounty website

Where to buy low-carb diet supplements

All low-carb diet supplements mentioned above are available in our online shop.

Nutri-Align supplements are also available on Amazon: